In a small number of cases we have discovered that our Automated Dispensing System can fail to initialize or return various errors when running on Windows XP SP2. If you are having any trouble with your Automated Dispensing System, we would suggest you follow these instructions for correcting the problem.

1. Locate the file dispens.ini which, by default, is located in the C:\DROPimage folder.

2. Edit the file.

3. Locate the [Com] Section.

4. Identify if there is a line that starts: Timeout=

5. If there is a line, change it to Timeout=50

6. If there is not a line, add a line that reads Timeout=50 at the end of the section.

7. Restart your DROPimage program and test your pump.
If the above steps corrected your problem, please let us know.

If you have any other concern regarding your Automated Dispensing System, please call or email. Thank you.

Aug 31, 2005

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