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ramé-hart U5 Series Tech Notes

In 2021, ramé-hart introduced the U5 Series camera. This camera is comparable to the existing U4 Series camera and even uses the same sensor chipset.

For optimal operation, the U5 Series camera should be used with DROPimage Pro or DROPimage Advanced v3.21.11.0 or higher. Earlier versions of DROPimage will detect the U5 Series camera but the default camera settings are less then optimal for use with DROPimage and manual changes will need to be made in order for the camera to work with DROPimage properly.

v3.21.11.0 or higher of DROPimage Pro or DROPimage will not only detect the U5 camera but will also change the default settings to the optimal settings if the DROP.INI is correctly adjusted. These changes are as follows:

1. Turn Gain Auto to off and set to 0.

2. Turn Exposure Auto to off and set to -8.

All other settings will work fine with their default values.

Two additional variables have been added to DROPimage and can be set in the DROP.INI file. 

To set or change the default values for Gain, edit the DROP.INI file (when DROPimage is not running) and locate the line that reads VideoDeviceName. Then edit or add a new line after that line that reads:


where x equals the desired value for Gain.

Next, to set the exposure setting, edit or add another line - also after the VideoDeviceName line - that reads:


where y equals the desired Exposure setting.

Here is a sample section using default values:

VideoDeviceName=DMK 33UX287

Save and exit the DROP.INI file. Moving forward, every time DROPimage is started, the new values specified by VideoGain and VideoExposure, will automatically be updated to the U5 Series camera during program initialization.

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