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Automated Tilting Base 100-25-A

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The ramé-hart Automated Tilting Base (p/n 100-25-A) is a fully software-controlled motor-driven option for determining roll-off angle as well as as advancing and receding contact angles. The tilting base method is considered superior to the traditional dynamic drop volume method for measuring advancing and receding angles as no disturbance to the drop by a needle or tip is required. The Tilting Base can swing between 0° and 180° in either direction. The speed can be set to as slow as 0.1° per second to as fast as 5° per second. Slower speeds can be achieved using the experiment wizard. A precision gearbox includes a manual alignment knob for setting the home position as well as an analog readout on the instrument. Movement is totally vibration-free with no backlash to ensure that when the drop does release, it's due to gravity, not machine movements.  

The dialog above shows the Tilting Base Control which is integrated in the DROPimage Advanced software. In addition, the tilting base control can also be included in the methods-based experiment wizard. A contact angle experiment can be created that integrates tilt and controls angle and rate. In the data log and reports the current tilt angle is recorded.

The Automated Tilting Base is supported on Models 250 and 500 and is included with Models Model 290, 590 and 790. With all other systems it is sold separately.

Manual Tilting Base 100-25-M



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Manual Tilting Base p/n 100-25-M

ramé-hart also offers a Manual Tilting Base (p/n 100-25-M) option, shown above, which is supported on all current generation goniometers 190 and higher. There is also an upgrade kit (p/n 100-25-U) available which will allow the Manual Tilting Base to be upgraded to an Automated Tilting Base. In lieu of a motor, the Manual Tilting Base is controlled by a knob. A high ratio gearbox translates one complete revolution of the knob to a tilt of less than 1° allowing the user to drive the tilt movement with extreme precision. 

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