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DROPimage Software

The ramé-hart DROPimage series software was written and developed by Dr. Finn Knut Hansen, a Scientist and Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oslo, and is available exclusively from ramé-hart instrument co. Our lineup currently includes three editions as detailed in the matrix below.


ramé-hart DROPimage Matrix

Included with Model 190


Included with Models 200, and 400

Included with Models 250, 290, 500, 590, and 790    
Supports U and F Series Cameras
Supports G1 and U2 Series High-Speed Cameras    
Version available with support for legacy analog camera and frame grabber  
Includes Calibration Command
Automatically measures left and right contact angle and drop dimensions (height and width)
Images can be saved and opened
Results can be saved to a (text) log file
Includes suite of (7) surface energy tools  
Supports Automated Dispensing System (100-22)  
Profile data can be saved and opened  
Includes Phase Editor for adding and modifying liquids and solids  
Measures surface tension and interfacial tension    
Methods-based Experiment Wizard and design tool including Method Editor, Parameter Editor, Time File Editor, Event File Editor, Phase Editor, and Session Control    
Supports optional Automated Tilting Base (100-25-A)    
Supports optional Oscillator (100-28) for measuring surface dilatational elasticity and viscosity    
Supports Relaxation Experiments    
Includes an Advanced Reporting Tool    

Upgradeable to DROPimage Standard

n/a n/a

Upgradeable to DROPimage Advanced


Click on the icons below to learn more about each edition of DROPimage:

 DROPimage CA
Calibration Tool and Contact Angle Tool - included with Model 190


 DROPimage Standard

Calibration Tool, Contact Angle Tool and Surface Energy Tools - included with Models 200 and 400.


 DROPimage Advanced
Static and Dynamic Contact Angle Measurements, Surface Energy, Surface Tension, Interfacial Tension, Methods-based experiment  using Pendant and Sessile Drops, and fully automated Advancing and Receding Studies (requires Automated Tilting Base). Support for Oscillator (100-28) and Automated Tilting Base (100-25-A). DROPimage Advanced is shipped with Models 250, 290, 500, 590, and 790.

DROPimage and Legacy Software

In 2002 ramé-hart retired the RHI imaging software and in 2006 support for that product was phased out. We strongly recommend that RHI users upgrade to DROPimage. Please contact us for upgrade pricing. Here are some advantages to DROPimage over RHI:

  • Real Live Display

  • More Accurate Contact Angle Measurements from Circular Curve Fit Option

  • Improved optimization routines

  • Better Results Output and Presentation

  • Spreadsheet-style Output and Log Files

  • Calculation of Standard Deviations of Surface Energy using the Monte Carlo Simulation

  • Additional Solid/Liquid/Liquid Tool and Single Liquid SE Tool

  • Easy to understand Graphical User Interface

  • Supports Automated Dispensing System (Standard and Advanced)

  • Supports Automated Tilting Base (Advanced only)

  • Supports Oscillator (Advanced only)

  • Frequent updates and patch fixes are available

  • DROPimage is constantly being improved with new features and support for new options

  • DROPimage is backward compatible with RHI

  • DROPimage supports some legacy cameras and frame grabbers.

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