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Contact Angle
Goniometer and Tensiometer Products

ramé-hart instrument co. is the world leader in contact angle goniometers and tensiometers with over 50 years of experience in goniometry. The original ramé-hart Model A100 was based on the work of Dr. William Zisman who designed it while working for the Naval Research Lab (NRL). The NRL design made by ramé-hart was the first mass-produced contact angle tool the world knew. Today over five decades of experience and innovation can be found in every product we sell. ramé-hart only makes surface science tools. That is our sole focus. Our machinists and instrument technicians handbuild and assemble each unit to rigid specifications. No goniometer system will ship from our facility until it has been thoroughly tested and calibrated and every component is in proper working order.

Please refer to the matrix below to better understand the differences between the various goniometer and goniometer / tensiometer (G/T) models currently available.


ramé-hart Product Matrix

Measures Contact Angle
Measures Surface Energy (using suite of six SE tools)


Measures Surface Tension and Interfacial Tension Ϯ Ϯ Ϯ

Includes U1 Series SuperSpeed Digital Camera at 100 fps

Goniometer (G) or Goniometer / Tensiometer (GT) G G G/T G/T G/T G G/T G/T
Edition of DROPimage: CA, STD (Standard) or ADV (Advanced) CA STD ADV ADV ADV STD ADV ADV
System includes PC & LCD
Supports U2 Series 750 FPS SuperSpeed Upgrade Kit (p/n 100-12-U2)      
16" or 21" Optical Bench 16" 16" 16" 16" 16" 21" 21" 21"
Supports Manual Tilting Base n/a n/a

Supports Automated Tilting Base

Ϯ Ϯ Std   Std
Standard Precision 3-Axis Locking Leveling Leveling Stage (supports 2 lbs)      
Advanced Precision Graduated Heavy Duty 3-Axis Stage with fine and course vertical adjustment and Leveling (supports 20 lbs)          
Includes Manual Microsyringe Dispensing

Supports optional Automated Dispensing System


Std Std
Supports optional Oscillator   Ϯ Ϯ
Supports Peltier Environmental Chamber
Supports Environmental Fixture
Supports Environmental Chamber          
Supports Heated Environmental Cell
Supports Hot Plate
Supports Advanced Chamber            

Supports all modular accessories

Maximum Wafer Support (diameter) 4" 4" 4" 4" 4" 12" 12" 12"
Supports Vacuum Chuck 6" or 8"          
Includes 1-year Parts and Labor Warranty and Priority Software Support
Halogen Fiber Optic Illuminator
Available in 115V and 230V
Ϯ - requires software upgrade
- Model 400 includes an 8" Wafer Support but supports up to 12".

Note that all current goniometer models ship with a microsyringe fixture (p/n 100-10) and microsyringe assembly (p/n 100-10-20) for manual dispensing. A wide variety of needles are available. See our chart here: The optional software-driven Automated Dispensing System is supported on all models.

In surface science, an instrument called a contact angle goniometer is used to measure static contact angle, advancing and receding contact angle, and in some cases, surface energy. The root goni refers to "angle" while meter refers to measuring device. Thus a goniometer is a measuring device for angles. While the term has been used to describe a tool used by physical therapists and also for measuring other types of angles, the traditional and more prominent use of the word "goniometer" has been to describe a contact angle meter. Note that while all of our instruments are goniometers, Models 190, 200, and 400 are goniometer instruments only (not goniometer / tensiometer).

A goniometer / tensiometer is an instrument that can measure both contact angle as well as surface tension and interfacial tension. Models 250, 260, 500, and 590 are all goniometer / tensiometer instruments. All of these models ship with DROPimage Advanced software. This powerful program calculates surface and interfacial tension using a standard PC. The method used is based on the Young-Laplace equation and the program has been designed to handle pendant, inverted pendant, sessile, and captive bubble drops. DROPimage Advanced is methods-based allowing full control over every aspect of the experiment allowing for sophisticated dynamic and time-dependant studies. Results include surface tension, interfacial tension, contact angle, surface energies of solids, drop dimensions, volume and surface area, as well as surface dilatational elasticity and viscosity. Full control over the optional Automated Dispensing System, Automated Tilting Base, and Oscillator accessories is integrated into the software allowing them to be controlled via discrete controls or via a methods-based experiment. The Automated Dispensing System and the Automated Tilting Base are included with Model 290 and 590 but are sold separately with all other models. DROPimage Advanced has all of the surface energy tools included with DROPimage Standard.

ramé-hart has a network of sales and service agents in over fifty countries. Our headquarters are in New Jersey, USA where we've been stationed since 1961. For a quotation or more information, please contact us today.

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