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click for large view of Model 210

Model 210
Goniometer / Tensiometer
with DROPimage Pro
(p/n 210-U4)

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The ramé-hart Model 210 Goniometer / Tensiometer is a powerful tool for measuring contact angle, surface energy, surface tension, and interfacial tension. Model 210 (previously Model 200) is a top-selling instrument and is used by researchers and scientists around the world. This tool includes DROPimage Pro as well as our fiber optic illuminator, 3-axis leveling stage, and U4 Series 520 frames/second SuperSpeed digital camera. Each system ships as a complete turn-key system with PC and LCD and microsyringe fixture and assembly for manual dispensing. Model 210 supports the optional Automated Dispensing System and Manual Tilting Base options as well as over a dozen other accessories.

An affordable solution built on the time-proven ramé-hart design makes Model 210 popular with universities and research labs. Many customers who purchase the Model 210 later upgrade to DROPimage Advanced as their needs become more demanding. Note that if you are interested in a new Model 210 with DROPimage Advanced, you should look at Model 250 as this model is identical to Model 210 but includes the Advanced software.

The DROPimage Pro software measures contact angle and includes a suite of surface energy tools including: the Acid-Base Tool, the Surface Energy Tool, the Work of Adhesion Tool, Zisman's Plot Tool, the Solid-Liquid-Liquid Surface Energy Tool, and the One-Liquid SE Tool. DROPimage Pro also includes a Surface Tension Tool for measuring both surface tension as well as interfacial tension.

DROPimage Pro can be upgraded to DROPimage Advanced without any additional hardware which would provide a powerful platform for building methods-based experiments and is optimized for dynamic and time-dependant studies.

The Manual Tilting Base option can also be added for measuring advancing and receding angles, determining roll-off angle, and calculating contact angle hysteresis. The Automated Tilting Base option requires a software upgrade to DROPimage Advanced. The Automated Dispensing System is fully supported by DROPimage Pro with or without the software upgrade.

What’s in the box: Goniometer Bench with U4 Series 520 frames/second SuperSpeed digital camera, 3-axis Stage, Leveling Specimen Stage, Fiber Optic Illuminator, PC, LCD, Camera Cable, (1) Manual Syringe Assembly, (1) 22g Straight Needle, DROPimage Pro Software Single User License, Software User Manual, Setup Guide, Calibration Tool, and Storage Cover -- everything you need to get up and running taking contact angle and surface energy measurements right out of the box.

Top Options for Model 210
100-22 Automated Dispensing System
100-25-M Manual Tilting Base
100-14 Environmental Fixture
100-30 Peltier Environmental Chamber
100-33 Heated Environmental Cell
100-33-HP Hot Plate


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